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Market Data - eSignal (Windows Vista compatible)

Link to Installation File

eSignal Pro Download page 

(To run on Windows Vista, right click and Run as Administrator)


Phone number - 510-723-7377
Email - techonline@mail.esignal.com

If you have type of problem with data from eSignal, you can visit their Support Web. eSignal support DOES NOT address issues with linking to Graybox.  Contact Hold Brothers IT Services (201-499-8722) if you need help with linking between eSignal and Graybox..


You can link Graybox to eSignal. Just contact IT@Hold.com for instructions.  

1. In Graybox's Trading Options, make sure the "Enable ESignal Link" is enabled. If not, check it.
2. Click on Layout->Save Database Options.
3. Go to the Market Maker windows->Setup->Esignal Lik type and enable the link to, fro or to and fro.
4. In the Market Maker window->setup->Esignal Link Scheme choose the linking color. It must match the link color of the Esignal object (Chart, market depth, etc.)
5. Save the layout.
6. Close Graybox.
7. Save and close Close eSignal completely.
8. Restart the computer.


Issues, Solutions and Workarounds:
Problem: Since =N is not recognized by Graybox, (causing linking problems) the steps below are how to filter =N from the eSignal T&S window: 
1. Right click on Time and Sales window
2. Select Filters

3. Put a check and enter NYSE for BOTH “Only Trade Exchanges” and “Only Quote Exchanges”
4. Select radio button “match bid OR Ask Exchanges” and enter =N in the Ignore Qualifier (eg: =N) field.




Call Support 646-745-2122 if you need help or have any questions