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Optimizing Graybox

Here are some tips that can help you deal with the increase amount of market data and order volume:

1. Make sure all your Book subscriptions are set to "Optimized"
(Right click Graybox quote box - Configure ECN books - Select "Optimized Data" for ARCA and INET. Do this for all boxes where you see books) Even if the symbols does not move much during normal trading do not take chances and please optimize. This is the 1st thing we will check if you report a slow book issue and we won't proceed to the next troubleshooting step unless all your quote boxes are optimized.

2. Simplify your quote pages.
Esignal, Graybox, Realtick or any other charting decision support system you use. Keep a minimum amount of quote components such as charts and quote boxes.

3. Filters can be bandwidth, CPU and RAM intensive.
Minimize the complexity of your filters and the amount of symbols in your watch lists. Avoid having a filter open during the Fed Announcement if your computer and connection don't provide sufficient resources. Check with the quote vendor regarding their hardware and connectivity recommendations.

4. Tick charts are bandwidth and CPU intensive.
Avoid adding a volatile security in your tick/trade-by-trade charts.

5. Boardviews with over 10 securities will use high RAM and CPU.
Remove boardviews prior to the fed announcement if possible or reduce the amount of symbols in each. At our discretion, we might shut down Graybox quote connections if we detect your are consuming a large amount of quote server resources.

6. Excessive cancel requests on the same order will not accomplish your desired results.
Send one cancel request per order. Do not lean on the cancel button if an order is not canceling. Call IT services or the Trading desk to follow up on the order. This will provide a faster result. Also, it is possible system wide queue ups will be experienced during the Fed Announcement. We will appreciate your patience while we follow up with individual vendors on the status of your orders.

7. If you reduce the complexity of your quote pages it is recommended to reconnect to create a clean subscription on the quote servers.
Please do not wait until the last minute to try to reconnect. Our system will be busy and our logon servers can queue up if a large amount of logon messages are received. We recommend not to make any changes during the last hours prior the Fed announcement.

8. If you are experiencing Esignal, Realtick or third party software problems please call IT services. However, if our lines are busy, please feel free to contact the vendor directly.
We do not host any of their servers within our premises. Most support call are eventually forwarded to their help desk group anyway and you can improve support times by calling directly.

9. ECN windows could be a CPU drain.
Please limit your use of books within Montage boxes if possible and keep them optimized as advised above.

Please report all problems to IT services or the trading desk immediately.
We will do our best to assist you in a timely manner.

If you need to contact support please E-mail support@hold.com


Call Support 646-745-2122 if you need help or have any questions